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electronics charging station

The electronics charging station is designed to make your life more organized and easier

With an electronics charging station, you will no longer have to dig through drawers for lost chargers.  No more matching chargers to devices.  No more having one battery go down because you were charging something else and no more clutter!  



You can use the electronics charging station, also know as an electronics docking station, to charge up to three devices at once. And you are not limited to charging cell phones. With this product you can charge phones, MP3s, cameras, GPS devices, and PDAs.  At the same time! 

The electronics charging station will eliminate the need for a big cluster of wires. This electronics charging station contains a power strip with surge protection. 



You will plug one cord into the wall and individual device cords will plug into portals with cords stored out of sight in a back drawer.  The cord storage drawer has a flip top for easy access.

The electronics charging station will streamline your desk or counter. 

Each side of the most stations has bins for storage of small items like jewelry and change, or even electronics like MP3 players that don't need charging.  There can be an extra drawer in front for more storage.  These bins and drawers will help tidy up any area.

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Electronics charging stations are sleek and smart looking. The cherry wood option has a lustrous finish which will fit well in any décor; if that’s not your style, how about black wood, mahogany, walnut or burl wood. 

The storage bins and drawers are lined with soft, plush fabric for a polished appearance.  And most electronics charging stations are not large, bulky space hogs.  Often measuring around 11 x 11½ x 5½, the stations will fit nicely on any space.

electronics charging station                       charging station 

They are available now.  We've provided some recommendation above. Why wait to de-clutter your life? Don’t ever look for lost cords again.  Electronic charging stations are time-savers, space-savers, true life-savers.

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